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It is family time with Arnova’s FamilyPad which comes in 13.3inch and has got a UK launch. So all the family members when gather, they browse for photos, see movies, play games and all of this comes in this 13.3 Inch tab which is named as familypad which shows its use. The family can gather and play board games, watch movies, see photos, click pictures and many more. So, it is the festive time or say it is a family occasion, this tab is going to prove a fun for family members of all ages.

Also, it is a decent tab for the cheap price it quotes. It is a budget friendly tab by Archos under the brand name Arnova. The specifications of familypad are like 13.3 inch screen, 1280 x 800 resolution, running on Android’s Icecream Sandwich OS (4.0) and has 1GB RAM. SO this tab that is designed to give an encouragement for family time gets a UK launch. The screen is touchscreen which is 10 point capacitive and can take full HD video playback at 30frames per second.



SO why not TableTop PC over this FamilyPad? Well the Sony’s TableTop does come in a 20 inch screen however it costs a bomb and this 13.3Inch tab is a fair deal. Arm Corted A8 is the processor the storage space is of 8GB and a 2MP front camera for HD videochat and so is the rear of 2MP. Comes with HDMI, USB port and a built in wi-fi and stereo speakers. Battery used is Li-pol which gives a 10hours of video playback and 6days on standby. For watching movies and videos you can easily use the screen stand for a much comfortable viewing.

To be released in UK this month with a price of $441 should gain market and yes it does give the excitement of family time. US launch still doesn’t seem to be on cards. However, we will keep you posted with the same.


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