Are your Blogging SEO Tactics of the Stone Age?

In the mid-90s, most search engines were generally straight forward: their SEO algorithms listed domains alphabetically the same way that yellow pages published telephone numbers, addresses, and services. This means that if you wanted to get your website noticed easily, you can just use the letters A, B, or C as title or banner.

In 1997, keyword stuffing was all the rage. Search engine crawlers searched for sites that contained keywords on inner pages. Back then, belonging in the top pages of search results was as easy as figuring out how to cram as many keywords into your site.

In 2003, when search engines discovered the downsides of keyword stuffing, they prioritised linking sites. For this reason, webmasters started buying links from other sites to get a high rank.

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In 2005, when link buying was discovered, Web owners simply found better ways of hiding their schemes of paying for links. From their perspective, it was faster than producing content that people will link to.

In 2007, blogging emerged. Originally termed as Web logs, it was later coined blog by Internet users for the simple reason that it sounded better. And again, this contributed to link building, which webmasters found to be an easy and legal way of building links.

Why all these changes?

Throughout the years, there have been a proliferation of major changes on how search engines, especially Google, calculate and rank a website. It not only affected webmasters but SEO companies as well.

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The recent updates introduced in the industry are Google’s Panda and Penguin. These algorithm updates change the game drastically. In fact, a lot of websites are affected by these, causing their rankings and traffic to spiral on a downward trajectory.

For this reason, webmasters and SEO services are adjusting or reshaping their techniques to accommodate the new updates and keep quality traffic on their site.

How can we cope our SEO?

First, you need to update your current SEO methods by getting rid of the old practices, such as the following:

  • Keyword Stuffing

Also known as over-optimisation, this is basically the process of excessively using of terms or phrases on your inner pages in theseo tips hopes of attracting crawlers and visitors to your site.

  • Submitting to link farms

Submitting to these portals is an outdated and dangerous way to gain links. In fact, Google may even penalise your site by removing it from the top pages of SERPs.

  • Cloaking

The name itself sounds ominous, right? This is the process of showing a different content to search engine spiders than the ones you display for your visitors.

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  • Link baiting

Considered as manipulative and unethical, this drives visitors to websites or blogs by providing them with incomplete information, otherwise known as the “bait”.

All of these are not only old or outdated, they are considered dangerous methods of SEO that will soon have you penalised by Google and other major search engines.

What techniques will help me keep up with Panda and Penguin?

  • Follow the guidelines set by Google for SEO

If you have recently been affected by these updates, you may receive a message enumerating the reasons your website got kicked into oblivion. Google may also give suggestions on how your domain can regain its former status through honest white hat SEO techniques.

  • Do not ignore the power of social media

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and other channels are a remarkable way of marketing your site without offending search engines.

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In fact, Social Media Optimization (SMO) complements SEO perfectly, which is why, as a webmaster, you should be well-trained in both. For example, blogging and commenting will help gain visibility for your site, while networking will raise quality traffic.

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  • Pay attention to Web design

A website that is easy to navigate, is interactive, and is informative to users has a higher chance of gaining quality traffic than those with bland Web designs.

However, this does not mean that you should go all glitz and glamour for your pages. Always remember, simplicity is the key here. So stick to easy, organised, and neat themes or layouts. Colours, fonts, and arrangement of text boxes should be appealing and convenient to the user.

  • Create compelling content

Back then, algorithms only crawled through articles that contained keywords relevant to the search query. That is no longer the case.

Now, people pay attention to posts which they find useful, interesting, or intriguing. Although keywords still play a role, they no longer hold the spotlight. Creativeness and uniqueness of the articles, photos, or videos is now the main highlight.

Over View

The best thing you can do, as a webmaster, is to prioritise the visitors of your website. Only then you can expect to reap the benefits of quality traffic and increased visibility.

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About the Author:

Emma Tomlinson is the Head of Retail at Smart Traffic, a company of expert SEO experts and marketing consultants in Bristol offering services to companies across the globe. [Image Credit - Teckilla]


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10 Responses to “Are your Blogging SEO Tactics of the Stone Age?”

  1. Arsie Organo Jr

    Jul 29. 2012

    If I may say so, this is one well-elaborated evolution and I like how it was analyzed. Big G will keep on evolving and will keep on changing its algorithm and if we go against them, it is us who will pay dearly in the end.

    Reply to this comment
    • Emma

      Aug 08. 2012

      Thanks, Arsie. And you are correct in saying that we need to keep up with the changes. ;) Thank you for sharing your own understanding.

      Reply to this comment
  2. Kulwant Nagi

    Jul 29. 2012

    Very Nice Study !! Hope most of the newbie bloggers will know now what is SEO Actually !!

    Reply to this comment
    • Emma

      Aug 08. 2012

      With careful research, newbie bloggers can obtain basic information on SEO. They can read the works of other bloggers too. Anyway, thanks for the appreciation. :)

      Reply to this comment
  3. Anton Koekemoer

    Jul 31. 2012

    Hi Teckilla,

    Yes – I do agree. Social media is one of the most important and best ways to keep up to date with what is going on in the market concerning trends and other relevant information like news and tactics or experiences that can help you to make a better and more informed decision. Without viable data – no analysis can be done and therefore no decision either. Make use of Social media – not just for SEO value, but for staying up to date on new methods and or tactics and updates from the search engines.

    Reply to this comment
    • Emma

      Aug 08. 2012

      Your comment certainly points out the great importance of social media. Thank you for sharing. ;)

      Reply to this comment
  4. Travis Brown

    Aug 02. 2012

    Web design is severely underrated in blogging. In fact, I think it is one of the facets of blogging that is barely ever mentioned. Creating a better user experience is going to keep more people on your site and longer. Having a great navigation facilitates easy-flowing traffic, and people will become loyal followers. I liked that you mentioned that one.

    As for the stone age tactics, I feel for anyone who is using any of those. Blogs are positioned really well in search engines because users have to consistently create new content. Whether that content is good or not is up to the author, but they have the opportunity to contribute good things to the web.

    Reply to this comment
    • Emma

      Aug 08. 2012

      Hi, Travis, thanks for the appreciation. :) And thanks too for pointing out your own insight on the topic. Indeed, we should promote better user experience on our blogs to retain the trust and loyalty of our target readers.

      Reply to this comment
  5. Nizam

    Aug 18. 2012

    Well, keyword stuffing, cloaking & link baiting are the bad SEO techniques and should be avoided, so as to be safe from Google penalties. Where as unique content, good site design, good site loading speed, easy navigation will improve the site ranking and will attract visitors/readers to stick to the site. And no doubt social media is powerful platform to increase traffic and should be utilize by bloggers to raise quality traffic. Thanks Emma for this wonderful and informative post :)

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  6. Kamran ul hassan

    Oct 09. 2012


    Great work you have done. it help many SEO expert, the way you share the post is really good and give more information.


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