Apple removes the 500px app from its store. Find Why?

It is reported that the 500px app which involves photo sharing is removed from the Apple App store because one might search for or share naked bodies. We know how people in search of naked bodies can harm the society and have sensitive issues across the world.



One can’t actually stop such people from using it on the internet but to avoid search and share of naked bodies has been avoided since ages and Tim Cook wants this rule by Steve Jobs to be carried which makes him to take the decision of removing the app 500px from the App store. What does 500px do is that it just allows people to share photographs, A Canadian created app which might be misused by searching and sharing naked photographs. Obviously there are clashed. The App developer doesn’t like this app being no more on iPhone and iPads.



An app which has been in the Apple App Store for more than 16 months is going to be no more on it after a few changes though it is as safe as it was prior. Yes, not digestible but then that’s how it is because according to them it is a clear violation to their guidelines.  Rules are rules, precautions are precautions. Yes, the App will be available for Android users but Apple has removed it from its store.

Is it a good decision? Is the app really not safe? Is android making a mistake by keeping it?  Or is apple making a mistake?  These are really not questions that can be answered with one perspective. All that lies is 500px is no more in Apple App store.


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