Apparently This Matter: ePad Femme

It’s the ePad Femme — Associate in 8-inch pill device designed specifically for ladies, and already preloaded with special female-friendly apps. As against Angry Birds that, apparently, needs masculinity.

Yes, it appears the Dubai-based Eurostar cluster patterned if there is one issue a girl desires, it is a hand-held pc specifically built to insult her intelligence.

I kind of image the dudes on their R&D team having many glances through Associate in previous copy of Cosmo at the dentist’s workplace and like a shot declaring a full understanding of the feminine brain.


Perhaps they considered creating one for men, as well. However that was invariably planning to be tough. Our male minds area unit simply too astonishingly complicated and superior, for it takes a real stroke of brilliance to with success belch the whole alphabet.

Anyway, I assume men and girls area unit simply fully completely different. And perhaps that is why they assume the ePad Femme makes an ideal gift for your female parent.

And that’s a giant point for the manufacturer, UN agency with pride boasts that, not like all the opposite touch screen devices on the market, this issue is that the just one designed “exclusively for ladies.” that is why they preloaded it with those gender-specific apps — therefore a poor, hopeless file does not got to place confidence in which of them she truly, you recognize the requirements.

Because a feminine would ne’er perceive the way to look for apps on her own. Plus, it might simply divert time far away from being a baby manufacturing plant and private cook to the $64000 genius within the house.

Of course, these ePad Femme preselected apps can do virtually everything a girl desires in life, from serving to her produce a looking list to pursuit weight loss to no matter it’s the fragrance app will.

At this terribly moment, everybody at the Eurostar cluster workplace in metropolis is probably going joyful by the ePad Femme’s unforeseen emergence on the net. Though’ they hope to “explore all markets,” immediately the device is just sold within the Middle East and components of Asia. Still, it’s trending worldwide.

It truly 1st came in October as a present plan — presumptively for the guy UN agency does not mind sleeping on the couch. Now, for a few strange reasons, it’s creating an online comeback.

Maybe it is the worth purpose. The ePad Femme solely prices $200. And it runs on the robot software system. So, look out Apple. There is a new horny lawman in city.

With a 1.5GHz processor and 16GB of memory storage, the makers created the ePad Femme dead equipped for even the longest grocery lists. Guys, your girl may virtually pay all day at the market shopping for food before returning home to cook.


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