Angry Birds Star Wars And More

Rovio does it once again, after months of teasers and leaks the next installment of the stellar Angry Birds is now available, aka Angry Birds Star wars.  Angry Birds Star Wars is the ultra popular franchise in the birdie segment, combined with refined and skillful gameplay, Rovio has successfully managed to  blend the sci-fi brand with its own. Angry Birds Star wars will certainly put a big smile on your face, specially people with fond memories of twin Tatooine suns(a fictional planet and setting for many key scenes in the Star Wars sage) or climatic death star trench runs. The game loosely narrate the original 1977 classic, takes its players from the Tatooine, into space and finally onto the Death Star itself through the 80 stages. A Hoth episode teaser is already underway.

angry birds star wars

The birdies have gone through a Star Wars makeover, visually and functionally. The red bird is now plays Luke Skywalker, when you fling it you can tap the screen to activate a lightsaber that slices the first few objects in your path. The remodeled Obi-Wan Kenobi bird force pushes piles of blocks in the direction of the tap. The Han Solo fires three pinpoint blaster rounds just as the player taps, umm very useful!!

angry birds star wars

The new skill set doesn’t really changes the gameplay, but the avian heroes surely add much more action. Completing stages is now more challenging, players now need to land their birds in the right place and activate the abilities to succeed, and yes “timing” is the key factor. The levels display a skillful combination of clever and cute Star Wars references with exciting level designs. The stages are tricky and complex, forces the players to figure out the ways to earn maximum points, it gets tougher and tougher. The game features the zero gravity space stages, introduced in Angry Birds Space, along with ground based stages. Bonus levels are unlocked by reaching certain star milestone and by discovering hidden golden eggs.


angry bird star wars

The Verdict

The game is tons of fun, it is much more than just another sling shot game. The cleverly designed challenging levels will surely twist your brain. Rovio will certainly attract Star Wars fans, but they will have to play on for perfectly resembling stages.

A more challenging set, Path of the Jedi, of 40 levels is available as an additional purchase. The game is of great value for just a couple of dollars. The game is available across almost all platforms, with different price for each. We will now wait for more theme based Angry Birds. Bring it on!!


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  1. aaslin

    Nov 12. 2012

    The visual and sound effects of angry birds is adorable and for its recent releases they are all converging to one theme that s technology. you have given good detailing about the game and its levels. thank you for the info.

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