Angry Birds Space Version Releasing On March 22

After the launch on all the mobile and desktop platforms, Angry Birds is heading to the outer space, flinging colorful birds in zero-gravity. Rovio, is set to launch a new version of the game set in the final frontier. Angry Birds Space will hit smart phones and tablets on March 22nd, Rovio hopes to follow the success line of accumulating 700 million downloads, branded candles and plush toy series.

Recently Rovio launched the Angry Birds Facebook app which isn’t the first version to appear on desktop computers; it has been available in Google’s Chrome browser and the Mac App Store for quite some time. But the Facebook version allows players to share high scores and send gifts to friends, embracing the social aspect of the website to increase exposure.

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There are several new elements in the game and gameplay that include planets with zero gravity, entirely new birds with new powers and slow motion puzzles. The game will also have certain elements that are in the original Angry Birds.

The tagline of Angry birds Space “One small fling for a bird, one quantum leap for birdkind” seems very strong, this time the birds are going to be bolder than in any versions.

Details on the game are sparse, but Rovio has disclosed that it will be arriving on March 22. For some reason, the company’s recruited NASA and National Geographic as partners in the app’s launch, but it’s unclear how they could fit in besides just providing background imagery for the game. The Web site does not give us any specifics about Angry Birds Space regarding its game-play or appearance.

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There are lot’s of puzzles about this version of Angry Birds, one of the most asked question is “Is this the final version of Angry Birds” , but I don’t think so, they will be back again, Rovio would not like to discontinue Angry Birds so soon. Rovio became famous across the globe for Angry birds, so they will not leave the game in this version, and Rovio will perhaps give us more versions of Angry birds in the near future.

Check Out The Trailer.

Have You played the Angry Birds on Facebook. Do you think Angry Birds Space will be as popular as the original?


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