Angry Birds Finally on Facebook

Finally, the wait is over. Rovio had promised about the launch of one of the world’s most dominating game on valentines day. The promise is kept and they have in fact launched it a day earlier in the Beta version. This means that the game is still in the earlier stages of testing and also while I am tying this post there might be some stuff going around there.

There was a great awaiting for the game by its lovers on the world’s largest social networking site Faceboook. And finally Ravio has unveiled the application  on the world’s largest social network. You can now see the temperamental birds flying around the Facebook pages as the native place.

Although the application is having the Beta tag attached to it but the appearance is simply awesome and well polished. And with that some special features like power-up and special effects, Angry birds is ready to rock the users with those odd sound effects and some of the new features. Below I have mentioned few things that you could find once you access the application.

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After you allow the Application to access the details (as it generally happens) , you will find these options on the homepage:

  • First and foremost thing that you would find are the 3 levels: Poached Eggs, Surf and Turk and the Mighty Hoax.
  • As launched on the valentines day occasion, so you can find offers to receive free Valentine’s gifts.
  • You can send invitations to your friends to join the game, as the case with most of the apps there.
  • Score updation and the user profile, much like other apps.
  • The system options like the sound effects on and off, details about the developers.
  • Your user inbox, the Angry Birds gameplay shop which allows game content and upgrades to be purchased and a placeholder for the future avatar customization section.
  • As earlier mentioned about the power-ups, these are of 4 kinds and they are: including Super Seeds, King Sling, Sling Scope and Birdquake, which can be accessed through the lightning bolt button at the top of the screen. These can be  considered as the game levels.

One more kind-of gift from the developers to millions of the Facebook users is the “Surf and Turk”, mentioned in the first point, this is exclusively for the Facebook users only, you can consider it as the Valentine’s day gift.

So all you Angry Bird lovers, what are you waiting for just click on the link below and start your game with the petulant birds flying around and for those who haven’t tried their hands on the little unpredictable birds, do spend some time on them and I am sure you gonna love it.

Start Playing Angry Birds on Facebook

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  1. Kuldeep Khatri

    Feb 15. 2012

    was just waiting for this day,
    love facebook and here one more reason to do tht :)

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