Android’s Iris, a Siri like assistant, now integrated with Activity Tracker app Friday

Android Iris

Android Iris

So there out is a competition to Siri with Dexetra’s Iris that got integrated with activity tracker app Friday on the thanksgiving Friday. Iris is an assistant, so replica of Siri to help you, to assist you. Yes, so fun it is to talk with your phone. And now that Iris comes integrated with activity tracker app, does that pose a threat to apple’s Siri?


Let me brief a bit about these personal assistant software, like it’s working for those who arent familiar with it. Since the Siri launch, a new area of technology has been invented with access to voice control. The intelligent Iris provides us with setting reminders, asking for movie reviews, good restaurants, calling, texting etcetera. So if you wish to here a song in your playlist or from the net, all you need to do is tell Iris to play what you want. The voice control does go supercool and also other general questions can be asked which will be answered via ChaCha integration. Do note that Chacha integration had controversies earlier.

So, it was like you had a confusion whether to go for the Friday app or ask Iris, now that it is integrated you need not give that extra pain to yourself. So you can ask about your past, as in when was the last I spoke to Nish? Or like who called me Friday night? That came with the Activity tracker app and about the future events came with the Iris app. Future events like, what are the movie timings for tomorrow nearby? Name some good Chinese restaurants around here. Now, that both goes integrated, life goes simpler!


activity tracker

activity tracker

More functions will come along like Trails, an applet, where user will be able to create a travel diary of all their activities like twitter, photos et all on a map. Your phone goes more techsavvvy with apps like battery monitor which will tell you when your battery’s low and will be familiar with surrounding and inform you as in where is a charger available nearby. It is just so user friendly lemme tell you! Also with alternative dialer, your phone knows whom do you frequently call or text and can bring you with whom will you most likely call. So you have your data and a virtual interface between your phone and you. there goes your phone as your friend, helping you, guiding you and conversing with you.




So android users go download Iris app and Friday app on google play if you have not done yet.


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  1. Hemanth

    Dec 04. 2012

    well,android is now fast catching with iOS !!!

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