Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich For Nokia N9

Here comes the latest announcement from the group of people who were working to put the very famous mobile OS Android into the worlds leading phone makers product i.e., Nokia, this time they have come up with the ICE version of Android for Nokia N9. Though the project is not completed and it is just a Alpha release under the project name “Project Mayhem“.

According to NITDroid’s team most of the things are working fine, though some have UI problem. Like the computers now your phone can also have Dualboot kernel that too with out flashing and you can choose the OS that your want to boot after power on. The OS is also supporting 3D drivers and OpenGL i.e., the graphics support is also good. I think the team is facing some issue with the accelerometer, the sensors are not been supported.

Multitouch is working fine. The few buttons that are there on the panel for the music player and lock are also responding well. Now coming to the network every thing seems to be fine like the bluetooth, USB network and pairing of the devices all are working fine. Thought the notifications is not shown on the screen but the battery charges. And the video playback and the media player is also responding accordingly.

It seems that the team is completely into it and working hard to put two- best in the market- things together and they have succeeded to a great extent. You can find the download link of the software in the Official forum link given below and but the software is still in the Alpha testing phase so it is suggested that if you also want to experiment you N9 then go for it or wait for while.

Here the video demo where you can see Android running on Nokia N9.

To go to the Official Forum about Android for Nokia N9  Click here.

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  1. I’ve Put this on my n9 so that the option is there but I’m not likely to use it. Most people who bought an n9 bought it for a clever, simple to use ui which is superior. I’d be far nore excited about having alien dalvik so i could rub Android apps from the more beautiful Harmatton os

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