2 Effective Android Battery Saver App you Should Consider

Battery life is Achilles hill of modern-day smart phones. The more high-end phone you have the lesser life between charges you will get. I clearly remember the time of Nokia 3310, which chugged along for days without a recharge. High end Android phones are earning a bad name due to the low battery life especially if you are on 3G or LTE and access the internet a lot. These 2 android battery saver app can help you squeeze the most out of your battery.

1. Easy Battery Saver

The developer claims that this android battery saver app can save / use 50% less battery charge than your phone normally does. I take this kind of claims with a pinch of salt. It works by managing the phone network connectivity, screen brightness and screen time out. Easy battery saver has three modes

android battery saver app

  • General Saving mode, which gives you the least battery saving.
  • Intelligent saving mode is more dynamic and changes the setting depending upon usage pattern.
  • Super Power Saving mode is quite conservative, it dims screen brightness setting to lowest, disconnects from network when the phone is on standby, sets the screen time out to lowest.

Advanced customization mode lets you control the settings and set the best battery saving scheme suitable for your phone.

Pros -

1. Easy to use.

2. Good degree of customization for battery saving profiles.

Cons -

The super power saving status is buggy, it does not work after you wake up the phone from sleep. Also it keeps lagging on the WiFi data connection sometimes. I tested this on a Samsung Galaxy Note and it worked well except for the above mentioned problems.

2. Juice Defender

The most popular android battery saver app on Google Play with more than 7 Million downloads. I am using this app on one of my tablets and have good things to say about it. It works by managing the single most battery draining service on the phone , the network and data connections. It turns of your data connections (3G/WiFi) when the phone is asleep. There are two versions available. The free one does not have many settings to fine tune your battery saving profile.

android battery saver app

You have to buy the Ultimate Juice add-on to get access to advanced settings that will let you micro manage saving profiles.

The interface is simple and easy to use, you can also toggle between 2G and 3G connection automatically. 2G connection drains less power. You can also schedule connectivity times for syncing or downloading your emails, even when the phone is asleep. Once the syncing is done, the data connection (3G / WiFi) is deactivated by Juice Defender.

You can also set connectivity settings for each app, if you want, but in my opinion this is an overkill. The best thing I liked about Juice defender is to scale down the CPU speed of the phone when it is idle. A phone consumes a lot of power if the CPU is revving even when idle so this feature makes a significant difference.

Pros -

1. Easy to use

2. Lots of advanced options in the paid version.

3. CPU throttling to conserve battery

Cons -

1. The automatic brightness setting did not work well for me, even though my tablet has a light sensor.

2. The 2G to 3G change did not work for me.

These are the two awesome and effective android battery saver app which you can consider to get a good battery life, so that you need not to charge your phone again and again.

Do let us know if you know any other android battery saver app in comments.

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7 Responses to “2 Effective Android Battery Saver App you Should Consider”

  1. Mr.A

    Aug 03. 2012

    Personally I like Juice Defender myself. I used it on my Samsung Captivate and I could go days without charging my phone

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  2. Shumaila Kamal

    Aug 12. 2012

    Hi I m Shumaila Kiran from Multan Cantt. I read your topic that is Very Good. This is a great informative topic. Really like it. You are really great blogger

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  3. Nitya

    Aug 15. 2012

    I am using Battery Defender on my Samsung S2 which is also quite good. But I think I should switch myself to Juice Defender as it seems to be more better than Battery Defender. thank you for sharing the list.

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  4. Dave Groning

    Aug 17. 2012

    I use Juice defender. I like both the interface and the functionality of the app.

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  5. Nick

    Aug 19. 2012

    I don’t have an android but I will love to have one. I hope I will can buy one in future. Anyway, great tips.

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  6. neha

    Sep 19. 2012

    Nice Post! I am using battery defender on my Samsung. and i used it on my Samsung. really this post is informative.Thanks

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