Top 6 Must have Android Application for Students

In an android handset of a student, there are so many application there, either useful to them as a student or not, in as much is an application is in vogue, you’re guarantee to see many student having the application on their android mobile phone but there are some must have android application for students, you shouldn’t neglect having on your android phone as a student and such application is what I’ll be discussing here on this article.

android application for students

Here we’re listing Top 6 Android Application for Students -

1. Powervocab

Are you a student in the English department or are you planning for any professional exams like the SAT GRE, GMAT or you are someone who loves to increase your vocabulary in English and looking for a better application for that? Then this is the best android  application for students out of all application that might be lay before you at the market, you’ll be finding the powervocab a better application to go home with.

android application for students

This is for no reason but for the way the application is design to blend your vocabulary without following the stereoscope of how is done in college. This application is build inform of a game in which you can play over any android handset with your friends or all alone, by this, coma you learn more vocabulary grammars at the same time catching fun.

The amazing part of this application is that, you don’t only learn the spelling of those new words you come across, the application give a chance of audible pronunciation of words that you come across.

2. Wikidroid

The most easily accessible online encyclopedia known as the Wikipedia is one site that can’t be ignored by student in any way. It’s just like a witch that knows nearly everything about the world or any course you might be studying in the school, in fact most student sometimes settle for this site when face with some assignment beyond their knowledge.

android application for students

And with the changes in the technology and the world turning to a mobile world where everything can be done on phone, expert have created an avenue for this site to have an android application for students that answers nearly everything you asked of her in a mobile phones (android only).

With this application student can easily access result to whatever things ponder their mind in regarding to their studies or getting wider knowledge about a particular topics. To make things easier, the expert behind this android application has made the use of this application flexible in the sense that an audio search of whatever you think of searching can be made possible. You just only need to talk to your phone and just in a tickle of an eye, you get the total information of your search.

3. Evernote

Evernote is one of the most popular android application for students of all time, its got its wind in nearly all aspect of human endeavor, this application is an application that helps keep the records of your daily activities in a notepad form.

android application for students

This application works in connection with a web application and one amazing part of the application is that you can also take a voice recording on this application and this is one part of the application that can be a useful tool for the student in the aspect that you can take a recording lecture of a lecture and play it when studying.

4. GPA calc

For all student, there is always a grade point average of your performance always classified as GPA in  school, to all the student in high school and university most especially the fresher, the GPA always seems difficult to calculate at times but with some mathematical calculations that looks difficult to student.

You can easily calculate your GPA, but in other to ease the pain of mathematical calculation and to save yourself from inaccurate calculation, an android application for students has been made to do the calculation for you and that’s what the GPA CALC application does. With this application, you can keep record of what grade you are and if need be sit up for improvement the next session.

5. Wolfram alpha

This is one best application you’ll love to check out. In fact, it’s one of the most popular android application for students so far. The application works like a search engine though not one.

android application for students

It help you save a particular solved question in it and when ask about the question, brings it out like a solve question. This application can be used to solve mathematical question or history, all you just need do is to save data of as much question as you like and ask later from “wolfram alpha”.

6. Mourning routing

Are you the type that loves to be punctual and at the same time won’t want to be disturbed by anything when you’re asleep? Not even the alarm bell, you probably abuse your alarm snooze button but when you wake up late, you blame it all on yourself for punching your alarm bell to snooze when it wakes you up.

There is only one way I know you can beat this challenges as a student and that’s having the “mourning routing” android application on your phone, with this application, I’m dead sure that you’ll have to obey the alarm clock or blame yourself for having it because this application is so stubborn that it will not stop crying until it sees a QR code that it recognize. To get the QR code, you will have to print it out from the web or generate one using QR code generator.

So these are the top 6 android applications for the students, they should have. If you know any other good apps do share.

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3 Responses to “Top 6 Must have Android Application for Students”

  1. melani

    Aug 13. 2012

    hey praven,
    Thanks for the compliment. the mourning routing is an alarm application but its just that its too stubborn, but if you don’t like that, there’s also an alarm application that you might like, it is called the “gentle alarm” the application is very gentle as its name implies unlike the mourning routing , the application will first give you a reminder 30min before the actual time and as a result make you active before the appointment time is up. you can give it a try if you don’t like the stubborn “mourning routing” application.

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  2. Vikas sindher

    Sep 02. 2012

    Wow all these apps are so handy. Thanks for sharing. I would surely try them

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  3. neha

    Sep 22. 2012

    Awesome post! I impressed with you. I think so that Nowadays All students should be knowledge of everything…Really These
    Application is necessary for all the student and helpful also.Well thanks for tell us about it.

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