After SOPA and PIPA now CISPA to Kill your Privacy

Thanks a lot to the support of  Tech giants like Google, Facebook and Wikipedia and many other websites, due to them finally United State’s act SOPA did not got passed. But that was not the end, the things are going to get even more worse as a tougher variant of SOPA named CISPA is expected to be made law in US and the thing which is making it more horrible is unlike previously major internet players like Microsoft and Facebook are Supporting it this time.

The bill has already got cleared from the House of Representative and will sooner a companion bill will be debated and voted in senate.
The Obama Administration has already threatened to veto the bill, and voiced strong opposition in a recent memorandum, but it’s not clear if it will follow through.

What is CISPA?

CISPA or Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act is a proposed law introduced on 30th Nov 2011 by US Representative Michael Rogers and other Sponsors. This bill would allow the voluntary sharing of attack and threat information between the U.S. government and security cleared technology and manufacturing companies in an attempt to ensure the security of networks against patterns of attack. Also it may remove any reference to intellectual property.


How CISPA Works?

  • SELF-PROTECTED ENTITIES – Not with standing any other provision of  law, a self-protected entity may, for cyber security purposes.
  • It use cyber security systems to identify and obtain cyber threat information to protect the rights and property of such self-protected entity; and
  • Share such cyber threat information with any other entity, including the Federal Government.

Summarizing it, the main point of the bill is to allow greater sharing of information between the government and private companies like Google, Facebook etc. Now this means your private data on web will no longer be private, government including US intelligence agency can access it any time and use your personal information for any purpose.


So would you all like to share your personal information with any one, Do give your view as comments below.

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5 Responses to “After SOPA and PIPA now CISPA to Kill your Privacy”

  1. Abhinav sharma

    Apr 29. 2012

    Thanks for the information.

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  2. Juliet Carney

    Apr 30. 2012

    This new bill is way more crazy than SOPA and PIPA. A lot of people wont agree on this because it’s about their privacy that is being at stake. Why would they do such thing?

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  3. Abhisek Das

    Apr 30. 2012

    God knows, what will this law state! Duh, Internet is no more like the old days :|

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  4. Siddharth Syal

    May 01. 2012

    I think US govt is not happy with our privacy thats why they are again n again try to intrude it

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  5. Krishna@techmero

    May 02. 2012

    I don’t know what US Gov. is trying to do, why are they putting this privacy laws. what they are trying to prove….

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