A Serious Vulnerability in Windows | Must Check

In my earlier post about windows which was how-to-create-a-backdoor-of-a-computer . I mentioned that windows has got more than 900 vulnerabilities as you know I cannot cover all vulnerability in windows but will be updating as I get to know. So here is another one, which I would suggest you guys to read and please don’t try it for your personal benefits.


Its about one of the oldest problem of windows (not exactly problem) which it hasn’t rectified it yet.
Like when you create a file or have a file, its name also contains its extension file name, which is
visible in some computers and in some it isn’t, to view it all you need to do is go to any window, press
alt key then a super menu appears in that got to tools and select folder option.

pic2     pic5

In the folder option box go to the second tab i.e., view, in that you’ll find an option to like this “hide
extensions for known file types-ON ”, just uncheck that and press okay. Now check any file in computer it would be showing the extension file name for every file like deadly_virus.exe


Now all you need to do is take in .(dot)exe for example deadly_virus.exe and rename it to
deadly_virus.txt.exe and change the icon to the standard icon of a notepad.


Now restore your folder option’s view setting to the previous one by again checking the box of “hide
extensions for known file types-OFF ”, and press okay.Now you go to the file, which you have just
renamed and just have look, what you see is a text file having name deadly_virus that’s it.

pic5      pic2

Now double click it or just run it. Bingo you will see that the executable file is just executing. Since you know that its an executable file, you won’t run it but think if its other person who logged into your computer for some purpose and clicks that file to see the content.


What will happen??

Now you would be thinking what’s the use of all this that I wrote,okay of that
I won’t tell it.The geeks will get to know.

Easiest way to upload a virus :)


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    Dec 16. 2011

    These stories get me excited about what is possible. thanks =)

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