5 Basic SEO Tips to Get Indexed On First Page Of Google

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important ingredients for getting large amounts of traffic to your website besides high-quality content. Because once your articles are a few weeks old, the majority of the traffic to those articles will come from search engines. That’s why it’s important to rank high in search engines. Basic SEO is all about common sense and simplicity. The purpose of search engine optimization is to make a website as search engine friendly as possible.

Below I’m going to show you 5 basic SEO tips that you should keep in mind when writing a post or developing a new website to make sure your blog ranks high in the search engines.

1.Keyword -

Keyword plays a major role because Google gives more preferences to the articles who is having good keywords. Articles without keywords get sucks easily by Google. So you must have a good keyword in your post.

  • You must have unique keyword in your post title. You can do keyword research in many online tools including Google Adwords.
  • Your  keyword / key phrase Should be in some of headings in your copy ( H2 & H3 ).
  • Your keyword Should appear in the first and last paragraph of the copy.
  • Your keyword density should between 3-4% in your post body.
  • Your Keyword should be in alt tags of the images on the post.
  • Your keyword also should be in your post permalink. 

2.Post Title - 

Your title of the post should not be more than 70 character. Because Google only index first 70 characters of your title. So don’t go with messy titles, choose an attractive and perfect one.

3.Content Limit - 

The minimum recommended limit for post according to Google is 300. But we suggest you to write the content of  minimum 500 words, because the more number of word means the more interest the visitor will take to read your article. So always write good & original contents with proper explanations. Use bold and italicized word while giving the explanation or in some important points.

4.Meta Description -

The meta description should not be more than 140 characters and it should also contain your primary keyword / phrase. The usual space is 155 characters but you meta description should be limited to 140 only, because Google also includes the publication date in the snippet.

5.Optimize Robots.txt -

Having an optimized robots.txt is important because this file can control which pages of your websites get crawled by the search engine spiders. Robots.txt file helps search engine robots to index or not index which part of your blog. A simple line in robots.txt file will help bots to stop crawling and indexing your dashboard. In WordPress you can either manually edit your Robots file or you can use plugins to disallow indexing of certain part of your blog. You should not allow your tags & categories to get indexed in search engine. The best way to do it using your Robots.txt

Have a look of my robots.txt to get idea – Click Here 

These are the 5 most important and basic points you should follow for better optimization of your blog to get indexed in the first page of search engines.


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  1. Radhikesh Sahu

    Feb 29. 2012

    WooW nice post..
    This could really help me in blogging career….
    as many points are new to me…Thanx

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  2. Abhishek

    Mar 01. 2012

    nice post hursh…
    i didnt knew about robots.txt
    thanx for givin such great insight

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  3. Saikrishna

    Mar 01. 2012

    Nice Tips. Thanks for sharing :)

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  4. Apramit

    Mar 01. 2012

    Great post!Nice basic rules of SEO mentioned! A must have for all newbie bloggers out there :)

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  5. Amit Shaw

    Mar 02. 2012

    Nice Post Hursh. I think most important part is keyword Analysis with Title.

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  6. Kuldeep Khatri

    Mar 02. 2012

    Very helpful and simple yet effective tips.

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  7. Lionel

    Sep 04. 2012

    Keyword and post title is most important of them i think. BTW thanks for this nice insight post.

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  8. sudeep

    Sep 15. 2012

    Nice tips. the main parts is keyword optimization and content length.

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  9. Kamran ul hassan

    Oct 13. 2012


    Nice work you have done HURSH, this 5 basic tips are use in on page optimization and you target this which help in search engine improvement. nice bro. keep it up.


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