HTC Windows Phone8X vs. Nokia Lumia 920

There’s no mistaking it: the Windows Phone 8 battle is heating up. HTC just announced its high-end HTC Windows Phone 8X for AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, two weeks after Nokia unveiled the Lumia ... Continue Reading →
HTC 8X New Windows Phone

HTC 8X & 8S New Windows Phone

HTC has unveiled two Windows Phone 8 handsets at an event in New York. The firm has said that it intends to promote the 8X, which features a 4.3″ (10.9cm) display, as its flagship device alongside ... Continue Reading →

iPhone 5 v/s iPhone 4s

Okay, so we have all read about the amazing iphone 5, and when one has to choose between two greats comparisons are inevitable. So, here goes!       Specifications iPhone5 iPhone4s  Price ... Continue Reading →

Windows Phone 8 vs iOS 6.0 vs Android 4.1

Microsoft’s Windows Phone was met with rave reviews from day one of its launch back in late 2010, but despite its beautiful and smooth UI it hasn’t caught up with users. One way or another, ... Continue Reading →

iPhone 5 – The most awaiting smartphone is finally here!

The long wait is over. Tim Cook has given the world the best iphone yet! If there is anything that can be the best and simultaneously boring, it is Apple. That is the price Apple has to pay for being ... Continue Reading →

Motorola Razr Maxx Review and Specifications

One of the major compromises mobile phone manufacturers have to make on modern handsets is between battery life and size. We demand our contract phones in thinner, sleeker models they have to weigh next ... Continue Reading →
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