The SmarTEST 2012 Campaign – Win HTC Smartphone or a Trip to Taiwan?

Want to win a fancy new super phone or a Trip to Taiwan? Of course you do. And The SmarTEST 2012 Campaign wants to give you one. Follow along… Asia’s largest and most rewarding online contest, ... Continue Reading →

Why Pay More – An initiative to help you Buy the Best at Minimum Price

How often does it happen that you think you have bagged the best bargain on the product you buy, only to realize that there is an even better price available?? The “Why Pay More” campaign started by ... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Coming on 29th August – Specs

It is been a long time that Samsung is in a mess with Apple for some or the other reason, making its way to the courtroom, but it is showing some evidence of slowing down. According to a famous website ... Continue Reading →

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Skins its Teeth into Android

The Call Of Duty, one of the most dominating name in the Gaming industry with is war-time first-person shooter, has been on the line in the mobile market for a while. And it had been quite some time that Call ... Continue Reading →

2 Effective Android Battery Saver App you Should Consider

Battery life is Achilles hill of modern-day smart phones. The more high-end phone you have the lesser life between charges you will get. I clearly remember the time of Nokia 3310, which chugged along for ... Continue Reading →
android apps for students

Top 6 Must have Android Application for Students

In an android handset of a student, there are so many application there, either useful to them as a student or not, in as much is an application is in vogue, you’re guarantee to see many student having ... Continue Reading →
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