After SOPA and PIPA now CISPA to Kill your Privacy

Thanks a lot to the support of  Tech giants like Google, Facebook and Wikipedia and many other websites, due to them finally United State’s act SOPA did not got passed. But that was not the end, the ... Continue Reading →
instagram desktop apps

Top 10 Popular Instagram Desktop Apps – Download Here

After the release of Instagram the much awaited Android app, and within a day or so there almost 1 million downloads all over the world. In case you haven’t heard, Facebook  had bought Instagram for ... Continue Reading →

Google Drive Launched with 5 GB Free Storage Full Tutorial [Video]

After years of rumors, Google Drive officially launched today to dominated over the Drop-box. As expected, the service will offer 5GB of storage space for documents, videos, photos, PDFs and other files, ... Continue Reading →

6 Tips for Creating and Using Unique and Safe Password

Choosing a safe password to access your account is crucial. Hackers use lists of common passwords to access accounts across various websites. It is therefore critical that you use a strong, unique and ... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy S3 Arriving On May 3 – Specifications & Price

Another most awaited phone after iPhone 5, Samsung galaxy S3 will be going to mark its presence on may 3rd. It has been confirmed by an invitation sent to Tech Radar, according to which the event will ... Continue Reading →

iPhone 5 Arriving this October will be a LiquidMetal iPhone

Finally it seems that the wait is over for all the Apple fans, its almost confirmed that Apple’s next iPhone i.e iPhone 5 is coming up in October month, which will be a LiquidMetal iPhone. Gene Muster, ... Continue Reading →

FBI Predicting Thousands of Users Will Lose Internet Access In July

It is the era where every computer user connects to the Internet to check about the latest happenings. It is impossible to imagine a day without Internet in the life of such technology geeks and enthusiasts ... Continue Reading →

Monitor your Windows Phones with Mobile Spying Software

Monitoring cell phones has become highly important in today’s technological world. As far as monitoring software for windows phones are concerned, like Mobile Spying Software there are very few monitoring ... Continue Reading →
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