Top 5 Useful WordPress Poll and Rating Plugins

Polls are very Effective if Blog Owners want to collect some valuable information or want readers opinions. There are Freely available many applications and tools to start a Poll or Rating Plugin in your ... Continue Reading →

Macworld 2012: iPro Lens System Turns iPhone Into a Pro-Grade Camera

At this year’s Macworld event, Schneider Optics showed off their camera lens package, the iPro Lens System. The package includes a clever protective cover, fisheye and wide-angle lenses, and a case that ... Continue Reading →

What Is Cloud Hosting? A Brief Review

Many times you come across this word Cloud Computing or Hosting, and the first picture that comes to mind is many parallel processors working. A picture of cloud is created which contains many processors, ... Continue Reading →

Angry Birds On Facebook Coming This Valentine

What’s so special about this Valentine? Your sweetheart must be asking this question to you. What could be more romantic than playing Angry Birds on Facebook with your sweetheart or with a social ... Continue Reading →

Google’s New Privacy Policy : How Will Affect You?

It seems that with the real world, the virtual world on the network is also moving toward making things simple. That’s the reason why the internet giant Google has taken steps to by changing its ... Continue Reading →

Acer Aspire S5 Price and Review Full Specifications

Acer coming up with its new technology in laptops in the second half of this year. It also uses Acer Always Connect, which lets users manage data on their computers even when the machines asleep—the ... Continue Reading →

Giveaway -1 Get Theme Junkie Themes For Free

Hey Ya guys, team is hereby announcing the first giveaway to all its fans and followers as the result of first successful month. First of all we are very much Thankful to all our visitors ... Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Social Networking [Infographics]

As we enter another decade of the Internet, perhaps it is time we look back at what has come before in social networking, and where it may be going in the future. Here’s a visually organized look at ... Continue Reading →
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