10 Steps to Building a Successful Ecommerce Site

Creating a website for ecommerce  is not as tough as some people might think. Although it might require some knowledge when it comes to the internet, most website building process today is fairly automatic. This means that builders can simply choose and click their desired settings in order to build a website for their domain. For those who are in the process of expanding to online businesses, following are 10 steps to building a successful ecommerce site.

1) Choose a Host :

First off, choose a website host. This is important since the quality of the website depends on how good the host is. If the hosting website suffers from constant lags or is perhaps always offline, then it would be tough for clients to do business with the domain. Hence, make sure that the host is reliable.

2) Choose a Name : 

Established businesses can simply utilize their name for the website. However, those who are just starting in the business would need to be very careful when doing this step. Ideally, the business name should be remarkable and gives a description of what the business provides.

 3) Start Building :

Once the website is set up, it’s time to start building the domain. At this stage, the best person creating the website is someone who has prior knowledge about the process. In most cases, the host should be able to provide pre-made backgrounds, colors, designs and settings for the website. These are OK to use if the business is just starting. However, it would be much better to create a unique design for the website.

 4) Make it Easy to Navigate :

This is kind of self-explanatory. Just make sure that the fonts are legible to make it easy for clients to find.

 5) Provide Multiple Payment Options :

Now this is crucial since clients want something that they can easily pay for online. Provide multiple payment options such as PayPal, Credit Cards or other EFT types.

 6) Security :

Clients will never purchase from a seller that doesn’t guarantee their protection. Sophisticated encryption might be costly but a PayPal account would be a great starting point for new businesses.

 7) Upload Quality Content :

This explains for itself. The content can be any form from images, videos or articles. Upload thumbnails too to cut back on loading time.

8 ) Search Engine Optimization :

Make sure to equip the domain for SEO. This would make it easier for clients to find the site. Facebook, Twitter, forums, article archives, video archives and other social domains could help businesses build their brand.

9) Post Updates :

Clients will stop visiting a site with very frequent updates so make sure to post something every few days to keep them interested. Make sure to find a host that is capable of automated response or newsletters to inform clients of anything new in the site.

10) Monitor :

Monitor the domain and check if there has been an increase in activity.

Of course, there aren’t just 10 steps to building a successful ecommerce site. Owners should actually repeat the steps from seventh onwards until they get the results they want.

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  1. Kuldeep Khatri

    Mar 03. 2012

    Well, Content and tweaking some SEO plays a major role for any successful website.

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  2. jagat kumar

    Dec 07. 2012

    nice tips to start an E-commerce Site but most important thing to build online PR (public relation) which is very important to E-commerce site…

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