How To Select a GPS Tracking System

Determining how to select a GPS tracking system can be as simple as looking into three categories of use for GPS systems. The services offered by the better GPS tracking systems for commercial transportation ... Continue Reading →

How to Test Your Website Performance

With the world we live in becoming increasingly digitised, more and more businesses and individuals have realised the importance of having a quality website in place. However, actually getting a good website ... Continue Reading →
WhatsApp grows bigger than Twitter 1

WhatsApp grows bigger than Twitter

WhatsApp, the just about free electronic messaging app, currently has a lot of users than Twitter and carries a lot of messages than Facebook, in line with its chief government. The service has attracted ... Continue Reading →

Verizon’s new phone upgrade policy draws scrutiny

Verizon Wireless’ call to increase the wait time for a phone upgrade has some involved concerning the potential shopper reaction. Verizon recently aforesaid it’d do away with early upgrades, ... Continue Reading →
Updated models en route to TomTom 1

Updated models en route to TomTom’s GO navigation series

TomTom breathes new life into its line of moveable navigation devices with this week’s announcement of the all redesigned GO series. Now, after I say fully redesigned, i do not mean that TomTom has ... Continue Reading →
TomTom dives deeper into the GPS sport watch business 2

TomTom dives deeper into the GPS sport watch business

This may not be TomTom’s 1st invade the GPS sport watch business (that distinction came with the Nike+ Sport Watch, however the announcement of the TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport ar proof that the ... Continue Reading →
The gorgeous HTC One is a winner 3

The gorgeous HTC One is a winner

As HTC’s new flagship smart phone, the HTC One is packed to the rafters with top-notch parts and technologies together with a number of the most recent process gear from Qualcomm. Additionally to ... Continue Reading →
The evolution of Samsung 3

The evolution of Samsung’s Galaxy S smart phones (video)

At last, Samsung has introduced the globe to the Galaxy S4 smart phone, holding its 5-inch toy aloft sort of a very little electronic Simba. Whereas the South Korean technical school giant’s latest ... Continue Reading →
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